Float & Pregnancy

​Pregnancy can be hard on your body as you try to adapt to hormonal changes and extra weight. Balancing your pregnancy with daily life; including your job and family, leaves little time to care for yourself. Revel in an hour entirely to yourself, resting in warm water with gentle music and nothing to think about but you and your baby. Soothe your back in water that gives you complete support and the feeling of weightlessness. Give yourself time to bond with your baby. Pregnant women probably get more relief from the floatation spa than anyone else. Just lying on a bed can be extremely uncomfortable for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy due to the massive gravitational strain placed on the body.

The float spa is a wonderful haven for pregnant women. We do, however, recommend that pregnant women avoid floating during the first trimester. If you have any concerns about the effects of floating on your pregnancy, we ask you to consult and get permission from your physician before you float. Pregnant women find they can totally relax in the tank, relieved from the burden of carrying the baby, due to the gravity-free environment of the tank. Many report feelings of becoming better acquainted with the new individual growing within them. Floating is a pleasurable experience they can share with their baby. “Most people are in search of a feeling of oneness. Oneness within ourselves, oneness with another person, oneness with our God, or the Universe. One of the most amazing examples of this oneness might be the bond we have in the womb with our mother. Sometimes the need for that fusion with Mother’s strength is very powerful.

The float spa is a striking and convincing analogue of the womb. This may be a very compelling answer to why the floatation spa is such a satisfying and confidence building experience, and why people who float often feel that their lives take on wholeness. If an hour or two of floating can provide us with an intense experience of oneness that is the essential pursuit of our lives, then we have an explanation for floaters frequent spontaneous reduction in fears, spontaneous reduction in smoking, drinking, and drug taking, and a noticeable influx of energy, creativity, and productivity into their lives"

Paraphrased from Michael Hutchinson, “The Book of Floating”  Comments from pregnant women about floating: ​​

“Like a porter putting down a 30 lb. suitcase, I could stop carrying for a moment. The burden of holding myself and this little inner body upright was gone, and I could afford the luxury of expanding our relationship. “
                      -- Jessica, 2 weeks prior to delivering a 9 lb. baby 
“I enjoyed the lightweight feeling and the stillness. My legs, which are heavy and retaining fluid, felt at one with the water. Floating is certainly a wonderful way to eliminate stress in pregnancy and to combat the heavy feelings found in the body due to pregnancy. “
                        -- Bette, 8 months pregnant 
“While in the tank, the most interesting part, was the constant movement I was getting from the baby. The baby must have been in complete ecstasy floating away with me. The other part that was most satisfying was the feeling of exhilaration afterwards."
                     --  Tina, 8 months pregnant