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Here in the Heart of The Pines we know you take your health seriously. It is the reason we opened our doors. Powered by a dedicated, knowledgable staff and ever-evolving atmosphere, we offer you our space to heal, grow, and live your best self.

We are open Monday through Friday 9AM until 7PM and 11am to 5pm on both Saturday & Sunday!

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A three minute cold therapy treatment in our IMPACT Cryotherapy Chamber. Key benefits include; reduction of muscle soreness and fatigue, increased circulation, improved Immune System functions, decrease of pain to the joints associated with common conditions such as arthritis and the tightening of pores.


A one hour session in our spacious Evolution Float Tank System, specially designed to relax you into a serene period of rest- free from the distractions of day to day life. Key benefits include; A deep sense of calm, improved sleep quality, reduction of muscle fatigue and tightness of the body, improved skin quality, feelings of euphoria and increased creativity.


A full-spectrum session in our state of the art Basswood Sauna. Key benefits include; A healthier complexion brought on from a detoxifying sweat, improved circulation, improved Immune System Functions, feelings of total relaxation, confidence and content and removal of heavy metals and toxins from the body.


A fully customizable and comfortable 30 minute session in our relaxing massage chairs. Pneumatic Compression Sleeve Therapy uses a unique massage pattern to provide dynamic compression to the limbs and hips, enhancing blood flow and the movement of vital fluids that hydrate muscles, leaving your body feeling restored and ready to thrive.


A completely unique and fully customizable experience with our talented and well educated LMBT. Specializing in outcome-based massage for everyone from the most avid athlete to the every day person looking for deep relaxation. We specialize in unique treatments such as Himalayan Salt Massages, Theragun Percussion Treatments and Deep Tissue Bodywork with unique therapeutic and holistic products.


122 Brucewood Rd, Southern Pines, NC 28387, USA


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